RBN - McColo R.I.P.

RBN (Russian Business Network) in the USA takes another hit, and another victory in the war against Internet badness.

‘Alas poor McColo I knew them well’ - so does anyone on the planet who receives email / spam.

McColo was host to the world’s major spam botnets (an estimated 50% of spam worldwide), malware, rogue PC security products, cybercrime affiliate payment systems, and child pornography.

The study published by HostExploit.com was based on tracking and documenting the ongoing cyber criminal activity of McColo and others. Get the report here. HostExploit Report

As a result of the first HostExploit Cyber Crime USA report which focused on Atrivo / Intercage and subsequent community actions, there was a quantitative drop of 10% of spam and malware worldwide. While temporary, it does clearly demonstrate that with a concerted and consistent effort by concerned commercial Internet network operators, a safer Internet can ensue.

Following Hurricane Electric's awareness of the report's content, at approximately 4:30pm EST 11/11/08 Hurricane Electric pulled the plug. Just to check on this see the chart from SpamCop below. Yes a huge drop in spam as just one example!

Of course not over yet -

fraudcrew.com on IP = 193.64-62-171.reverse.mccolo.com =
net =
AS6939 HURRICANE Electric. Our favorite ‘CoolWebSearch hijackers’ are still online.

Also as we see on the CIDR report AS26780 MCCOLO - McColo Corporation is still peered by AS3549 GBLX Global Crossing Ltd.

However, we can assume Hurricane Electric will get around to this net block and GBLX is also acting in unison.

Again this is an excellent example of a growing community effort, involving a wide cross section of anti-spammers, malware and botnet researchers, journalists, and Internet network operators. When considering the ongoing war for the heart and soul of the Internet; “Not the end not the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning”?