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Russian Business Network - Among the world's worst spammer, child-pornography, malware, phishing and cybercrime hosting networks. Provides "bulletproof hosting", but is probably involved in the crime too.

Dear stupid trackback spammer at,

in case you haven't noticed yet: None of the trackback spams you have attempted to send to this and a couple of other sites over the last 24 hours has made it through. They are deleted automatically, and I didn't even have to block your IP address ...

The Management

There's a reason why we haven't seen a lot of trackback spam recently, but it seems someone in Russia ( belongs to Russian Business Network in St. Petersburg) hasn't gotten the memo yet.

Oh, and while you're at it, block through to .70, too. I see Bad Behavior takes care of those already (claiming to be GoogleBot isn't really helping in getting trackback spam through), but just in case.

iFrameDollars.com or .biz


etname: MICRONNET-NET; descr: Micronnet LTD network; country: RU

Address: Reshetnikova str. HSE 9, 197119 St. Petersburg , Russia

E-mail: info@micronnet.net