RBN - Farewell to EstDomains

In the wake of the demise of Atrivo we now see the demise of EstDomains by an emboldened ICANN.

Many have shown Estdomains et. al., as a source of domain registration badness and used by cyber criminals for many years. As recently described within the HostExploit.com report “Atrivo - Cyber Crime USA” Sunbelt Software , Spamhaus, to name a few, and followed up by The Washington Post by Brian Krebs “A Superlative Scam and Spam Site Registrar”

Ironically EstDomains has been trying to fight back with press releases such as “EstDomains, Inc Takes Next Step in Combating Spam and Malware” with them stating; “Once again EstDomains, Inc would like to address the interactive community and ask for co-operation to make the Internet clear and safe.”

However, even more relevant to the demise of EstDomains was the later Brian Krebs post “A Sordid History and a Storied CEO” relating to the EstDomains CEO Vladimir Tsastsin

As of today ICANN has issued a formal and we assume irrevocable, notice of termination – see fig 2 below:

The formal letter of termination is available for download from ICANN <here> is based on court records from Estonia.

Of course what will be interesting is what happens to the approximately 281,000 domain names under EstDomains’ management. All registrations sponsored by EstDomains will be transferred to an ICANN-Accredited Registrar in accordance with ICANN’s “De-accredited Registrar Transition Procedure”. ICANN goes on to say “It is ICANN's goal to protect registrants’ from unnecessary harm and we look forward to amicably resolving any domain name transition issues that may arise from this termination.”

Hopefully this does demonstrate an emboldened ICANN which has recently become besieged on security issues, is listening to the community. Perhaps we could persuade ICANN to allow the Internet security community to provide solid advice which of these domains is abusive before any transfer is made?